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Attendance and Tardies


BVMS recognizes that daily attendance is a predictor of student academic success. Further, school attendance is compulsory per Education Code (48200). Parents are responsible for assisting their students in maintaining the following attendance expectations:

  • Attend school daily and on time.
  • Remain after school up to 30 minutes when directed by a school official to complete disciplinary or other requirements (parent will be notified).
  • Be accounted for at all times during the school day, for safety reasons.
  • Abide by district policies related to school attendance.

If your child is absent for a full day, please contact the attendance office (310-551-5100 ext. 3006) to report the absence.  If absence is not cleared within 10 days, it will be considered unexcused and will not be able to be changed in the system.  If your child arrives late to school for a valid medical appointment, they must come to the attendance office with a note from the medical professional’s office and they will be marked excused and sent to class.  


For a student to be considered on time to class, students must be in the classroom when the bell rings.  The tardy policy applies to every period.

5 tardies= lunch time detention and the parent contacted by an administrator.

10 tardies= after school detention and the parent contacted by administrator.

15 tardies= loss of privilege (removal from sports, dances, clubs, trips? etc for remainder of the quarter).

20= loss of privilege for the remainder of the semester and parent conference

25= loss of privilege for the remainder of the year and parent conference

Tardy sweeps will occur randomly.  Students caught in a tardy sweep will receive immediate after school detention and their parents will be contacted by a site administrator or designee.

Rewards will be provided on a quarterly basis as an incentive for those students who have no tardies for a single quarter.