School Site Council

The Beverly Vista School Site Council (SSC) is committed to supporting and improving the lives of Beverly Vista Middle School students. The Site Council is composed of parents, teachers, and administrators who are responsible for creating a School Improvement Plan in conjunction with the school's Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) to accommodate student needs through the development of academic programs.  Meetings are held approximately 6-times per year with occasional sub-committee meetings in the interim.

2020 - 2021 Meeting Dates    TBD
Beverly Vista School Site Council Members
  • Kevin Allen - Principal
  • Vergine Aiazian
  • Lauren Stuart
  • Adela Montez
  • Joshua Schmidt
  • Dorothy Weiss - Chairperson
  • Jo Roberts
  • Elham Samadi
  • Joaquin Lippincott
  • Stephen Hinden
  • Kelli Schatz
  • Larry Wiener
  • Lee Egerman