FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Updated on 9/4/19

As we work together to build the safest learning environment for our kids, our goal is to remain POSITIVE and solutions oriented at all times. Please check our FAQ page frequently and be sure to ask questions and seek complete information from official (SCHOOL) sources before posting on social media and contributing to the rumor mill.  We are listening and continually seeking opportunities to improve our school.



We now have a locker program to support students with their backpacks. Locker Buddy Program Option is available to 6th & 7th graders.

  • 6th & 7th graders who are interested in having a locker must:
    • Complete a form which asks them to identify a “Locker Buddy”.
    • Bring a combination lock.
    • Keep lock combination PRIVATE. Violation of privacy will result in loss of locker.
  • 8th Grade
    • Any lockers remaining after 6th & 7th grade students have received theirs will be available for 8th grade students.

**Parents, please have a conversation with your child about completing the form, identifying their buddy, and the importance of keeping their lock combination private.

PE lockers are forthcoming and will be installed this school year. Details will be shared as soon as I receive them from our Facilities & Construction Team.



The health, welfare and safety of our students is our highest priority. While we recognize that there are several factors that contribute to the weight of the backpacks, one that we can quickly identify and resolve is the laptop computer. In an effort to reduce the weight of the backpacks, we will be modifying our “one to one” technology program for the remainder of the year. Over the first two weeks of September, we will be collecting all student laptops and placing them in the charging carts located in classrooms throughout the school. 

In an effort to ensure that all students have access to technology to complete work at home, please notify your grade level administrator if your child does not have access to a computer or the internet at home and we will work with you on solutions

This change does not diminish our commitment to the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning at Beverly Vista. On the contrary, we strongly feel that our students are moving toward a world in which the use of technology is essential for their success and it is our duty to prepare them for those challenges.



You may have already received information from your teacher about signing up for a Parent Account in Schoology with an access code.  For those of you who did not receive an access code, please refer to the email sent by Dr. Bernadette Lucas on Aug 19 with information on how to find your access code in Aeries.  It is important to note that not all teachers are using Schoology at this time.  Staff is in the process of being trained on this new platform, with the goal of full adoption by January 2020.



We have opened the emergency stairwell on the southeast corner of the school to students which will alleviate congestion on the atrium stairwell between the 2nd and 3rd floor.  Mr. Allen hosted the Beverly Hills Fire Marshal to observe and provide feedback.  His exact words were “this looks like a functional middle school”.  We will continue to monitor the situation as the year progresses.



The BBQ grill cart has proven to be popular beyond our expectations and lines were long during the first two days.  We now have a new system of scanning ID badges to pay for lunch which reduced the lines dramatically.  Twenty minutes into lunch, there were no lines at the BBQ station!  We will continue to monitor and make adjustments as necessary.



Our Drop-Off in the morning has been smooth and successful!  Traffic is moving and students are getting to class on time. Please note that students are never to be dropped off on Rexford, south of Charleville.  We have noticed that there is almost no traffic on Charleville east of Maple Drive. If you are driving west on Charleville from the Horace Mann area, you may want to consider dropping your child off just before Maple Drive and turning south onto Maple Drive to either Olympic or eastbound Gregory to exit the area and avoid our traffic.



Students can enter the school at two locations:  the main gate which is open at all times and the Bell Tower which is open from 7:30 - 8:05.  Students arriving after 8:05 must use the main gate. Parents can only access the school via the main gate. To ease the flow of students exiting for dismissal, we have opened an additional gate on the field to exit the campus. There are now 3 exit gates:  Main, Bell Tower and Field.

Send your questions to BVMS Support