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Schoology, our new Learning Management System (LMS), will allow both students and parents to view every aspect of classroom learning including assignments, grades and communication with teachers. Previously, the LMS was Jupiter Ed. 
Sign Up For A Parent Account in Schoology - Click here to learn how!
Parents can access their child's Schoology courses by going to and choosing sign up as a parent.  YOU WILL NEED AN ACCESS CODE.  
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You can find your child's access code on Aeries Please click here to learn how!
After parents/guardians have joined Schoology and entered the access code, you will be able to view folders with information about classes and receive updates.
It is also incredibly helpful if you download the free Schoology app from your mobile device app store.  Leaving notifications turned on will ensure you get updates right away, and help build our school connection through this application.
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>> Effective January 2020, the entire district will move exclusively to Schoology and Aeries Communications.
>> Fall 2019 is a transition semester during which a teacher may use either Schoology, Aeries, or Jupiter Ed.   
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