Nate Lewis

D2 Boys Coach - 6th grade


Darren Sargent

D1 Boys Coach - 7th grade


Keith Davis

D1 Boys Coach - 8th grade


Kayvon Williams

D2 Girls Coach - 6th grade


Jose Celis

D1 Girls Coach – White Team


Alex Wilson

D1 Girls Coach - Green Team


Todd Radonsky

Kelly Park

Co-Athletic Director

Co-Athletic Director

  • REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Tuesday, NOV 26th @3:30pm — no late registrations accepted! 
  • TRYOUTS: Monday, DEC 2nd – DEC 5th
  • Monday, Dec 2, 3:30pm – Boys 6th grade 
  • Tuesday, Dec 3, 3:30pm – Boys 7th grade 
  • Wednesday, Dec 4, 3:30pm – Boys 8th grade (Cancelled due to rain)
  • Thursday, Dec 5, 2:00pm – Girls 6th, 7th & 8th grade. 3:30pm – Boys 8th grade (make up day due to rain on Wed)
  • TRYOUTS SESSION 2: Monday, DEC 9th – DEC 12th
  • Monday, Dec 9, 3:30pm – Boys 6th grade 
  • Tuesday, Dec 10, 3:30pm – Boys 7th grade 
  • Wednesday, Dec 11, 3:30pm – Boys 8th grade 
  • Thursday, Dec 12, 2:00pm – Girls 6th, 7th & 8th grade.
  • GRADE CHECK: All athletes chosen for each team will undergo an academic/work habits/citizenship check based on their grades the day of tryouts.
  • ALTERNATE PLAYERS: new players will be moved up to the teams to replace any ineligible students once grade checks are complete.
  • TRYOUT RESULTS: Students that made the team were informed of the results of the tryouts on Friday, December 13th, via a posted list near the boys and girls locker rooms.
  • TEAM PRACTICE:  DEC 17th, 3:30pm-4:30pm
  • SECOND SEMESTER: begins Monday, JAN 6th 
  • BASKETBALL GAMES:  begin as early as Wed, JAN 8th /regular season ends FEB 28th — specific schedules to be posted after FIYA League coaches roundtable meetings.