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Tech FAQ



Q: How do I sign up for Weekly Progress emails on Aeries?  

A: To sign up for weekly progress emails, log into Aeries on a computer and click the drop down menu next to your name on the upper right. Select Parent Notification Preferences. You can choose what day and time you will receive the weekly email. It will be sent through Aeries Communications, so if you have that set up to send texts, you will receive it on your phone, but the content is more limited than what you get in the email.


Q: Are students able to see the same info on Aeries?

A: The Aeries Student and Parent Portals are identical in terms of grading and reporting. Parents have advanced features in regards to contacts and student information.


Q: In Aeries Calendar, do items in blue that say "Due" mean they are due that day?  

A: Yes, assignments listed on the Aeries Calendar (and Google Calendar) are due on the date that the assignment is posted on.


Q: What do the green items in Aeries Calendar represent?  Are those assignments too?  

A: The green items on the Aeries Calendar are EVENTS -- something that the teachers would like to bring to the student’s attention.


Q: Is an Aeries direct message the same as sending them an email?  Which is the preferred communication approach to contact teachers?

A: The best way to contact teachers is through their bhusd.org email.  Aeries Direct Message is not recommended unless you know for sure that the teacher uses direct messaging. 

You can find teacher email addresses in Aeries under “Classes”.  


Q: Do we have the option to add kids cell numbers to Aeries communication?

A: Yes, under notifications.


Q: Are there different features between the desktop and mobile versions of Aeries?


A: Ideally, you will want to access the Aeries desktop version on a PC or Mac to get a full picture of your child’s schoolwork.  


The Aeries Mobile App provides a quick snapshot of information. You can check Assignments, Grades, Attendance, and Communication. You can not see the Aeries Calendar and it is difficult to find missing assignments.  



Q: Do all teachers post assignments on Google Classroom in addition to Aeries? Can we count on Google Classroom instead of following Aeries?

A: Aeries should be a parent’s first resource to confirm a child’s assignments.  The directive from the BVMS Administration Team is for teachers to post all assignments in Aeries.  Final scores live in Aeries too.  

Many teachers are leveraging Google Classroom and further details on assignments will oftentimes be located there.  However, not every assignment may be posted on Google Classroom.  


Q: How does work get submitted through Google Classroom?

A: The students selects the assignment and either completes the digital copy of the assignment the teacher shared and then selects TURN IN or the student completes the assignment activity and marks the assignment MARK AS DONE


Q: How do I receive Google Guardian Summaries?

A: If you currently are not receiving Google Guardian Summaries and would like to, email your child’s teachers to “invite” you to the Google Classroom. You should then receive a Google Classroom email asking if you would like to receive weekly progress emails.


Q: Can you explain the difference between Google Meet and Hangout? and how that works?  

A: Google Hangout is sunsetting in June 2020 and consists of video conferencing, phone and messaging features. Google is the process of splitting Google Hangout into two separate apps  -- Google Hangouts MEET and Google Hangouts CHAT. 

The video conferencing feature of Google Hangout launches you into Google Meet. Google Meet is a video conferencing app similar to Zoom.  


Q: Is Google Classroom accessible from Aeries?

A: For students, yes, in the classic view of the Aeries Student Portal (web browser).  


Q: As a parent, if I want to access Google Classroom, do I just need my kid’s email and password? Or do I need to login on THEIR computer?

A:  You can access Google Classroom on any device with internet access.  To access your child’s Google Classroom, you go to https://classroom.google.com  and input their username and password.


Q: What is the difference between share and turn in?

A: In Google Meet students may be asked to share their screen.Google Classroom assignments will often require students to TURN IN work digitally.



Q: Do assignments change appearance if they are turned in vs. missing? 

A: No, the assignments do not change appearance on either calendar if they are turned in vs. missing.


Q: How do we see missing assignments?

A: In Aeries, you can check several different places: 

  • Aeries Weekly Progress email
  • In the Aeries parent portal, click on the CLASS SUMMARY tile to see missing assignments.  

In Google Classroom:

  • Google Guardian email summary
  • Student view - Navigate to Google Classroom launch page / select 3-line menu (top left corner / select To-Do


Q: I've received "missing assignment" emails.  When I ask my children, they say they've turned in their assignments.  Who is correct?  

A: You can confirm this by looking at the CLASS SUMMARY page in the Aeries Parent Portal depending on the view you have selected  -- there will either be a MISSING ASSIGNMENT column or each course tile notes there are missing assignments.

If you think, there is a discrepancy, please contact the teacher by email.