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"Home Learning has a silver lining.  It brings out the best in all of us.  We are so proud of our students who have demonstrated the 4 pillars of Bulldog character:  Build Resilience, Value Learning, Make Connections, Show Integrity." - Kevin Allen
Home Learning Week of May 25 - 29
Jake Capra (7), Michael Cherevka (8), Eva Chriqui (8), Nathan Horowitz (6), Noah Nieman (6), Cleo Paul (6), Caira Pazooky (8), Gleb Pozdniakov (6), Pappim Suriyasat (7), Ilan Teboul (8), Danielle Urman (8), Emily Yang (6), Pegah Yazdani (6), Jordan Ghodooshim (6)
Rahel Nosrati (6), Isabella Kadz (6), Joseph Kim (8), Sophie Zelinka (6), Evan Egerman (7), Gianna Ahn (8), Eunice Moon (7), Sydney Seff (6), Ian Kim (7)
Dylan Federman (6), Sofia Giovine (6), Fred Pinto's Advanced Musical Theater classes (grades 6, 7, 8) 
Tyler Yovino (7), Armin Toloei (7), Devon Malabanan (6), Adel Shaoulian (8), Lana Lee (7)
Home Learning Week of May 18 - 22
Taj Lipincott (7) Always checking in for Google Meets! He hasn't missed a single one!
All of Mrs. Castanon's STEM classes (6, 7, 8) Showing resilience, learning and connections by helping each other get through difficult coding missions. Google Meets are a joy and everyone comes to help each other.
Alex Uribe (6), Lila Algarin (6) Great participation! Always have a positive attitude and share ideas.
Odelia Shofet (8), Rachel Cohen (8) Always positive role models and always ready to help the teachers and other students. 
"Home Learning has a silver lining.  It brings out the best in all of us.  We are so proud of our students who have demonstrated the 4 pillars of Bulldog character:  Build Resilience, Value Learning, Make Connections, Show Integrity." - Kevin Allen
Home Learning Week of May 11 - 15
Rebecca Kahen (6)
Pappim Suriyasat (7), Natalia Torres (6), Joseph Kim (8), Ben Bakshian (7), Aryeh-Meir Shirazi (7), Tegan Hill (7), Minchae Park (7), Susie Choi (7), Erika Khalilova (6), Isabella Naufal (6), Amelia Lanzer (6), Bryan Shapirsteyn (6), Ayman Alaoui (6)
James Heller (8), Maxwell Toohey-Bergvall (8), Paxton Clark (6), Cameron Pena (6), Illeana Cirino-Jimenez (8), Dakota Smith (7), Erynn Grimson (6)
Gabriel Klein (6), Natalia Torres (6), Sadaf Bakhtiari (6), Aviv Pilipski (7)
Home Learning Week of May 4 - 8
Nur Yilmaz (8), Wuge Liu (6), Eva Neidleman (8), Caleb Sayah (8)
Justin Tobar (8), Derek Radonsky (6), Tyler Moalemzadeh (6), Cleo Paul (6), Chesmer Surdilla (6), Sanha Kim (6), Diane Song (8), Elsa Ankri (7), Liza Farchadi (7), Remy Javidzad (7), Brendan Khalil (7), Sadaf Bakhtiari (7), Ruby Matenko-Lowenstein (7), Amanda Gellar (8), Avery Yosian (8), Leonor Mincheva (6), Sadie Hazelett (7), Hayley Chechel (7)
Savannah Yousefia (8)
Jeremy Wen (6), Elliot Yang (6), Wuge Liu (6), Noam Doron (7), Yegee Kim (7), Emma Pochic (7), Siarhei Safanovich (7), Gabe Klein (6)
Cameron Desai (6), Eliana Naydavood (6), Christine Chung (7), Mahtab Natanzadeh (8), Mandy Kohanim (8), Justin Ghodsian (7), Zoe Miller (6), Eli Silver (6), Spencer Taylor (6), Nur Yilmaz (8), Naeem Ash (8), Jorden Dhondup (8), Gabby Kashanian (8), Mia Zamir (8), Sofia Malagon Diamond (8), Lenie Sagie (8), Mia Shapiro (8), Noam Doron (7), Luanna Menezes (7), Michael Cherevka (8), Aaron Elyasi (7), Charlotte Kaveh (6), Ryan Javadi (6), Ryan Mecheri (8), Gabriel Moradzadeh (8), Elliot Turner (6)
Zane Harwin (7), Hayley Chechel (7), Yebin Youn (7), Jenna Saltzman (7), Aaron Bennahum (7), Dylan Cramer (7), Eva Chriqui (8), Shayda Dadavand (8), Raphael Ohana (6), Savannah Yousefia (8), Gaddiel Noveck (8), Adel Shaoulian (8), Ian Kim (7), Aviv Pilipski (7), Eva Neidleman (8), Yael Khalilian (7), Ruby Matenko-Lowenstein (7), Tegan Hill (7), Benjamin Bakshian (7), Erynn Grimson (6), Amelia Lanzer (6), Albert Gordeev (7), Momo Del Rosario (6), Ava Hollander (7), Elliott Turner (6), Leonor Mincheva (6), Susie Choi (7), David Khorsandi (7), Madison Burns (7), Lana Lee (7), Justin Goldstein (7)
Ryan Mecheri (8), Batia Tello (8), Charlotte Kaveh (6), and Shayda Dadvand (8) 
Chloe Nikaran (6), Bradyn Prisand (7), Tamar Albert (8)
  • Hannah Pinchuk (8th)
  • Matthew Hanasab (7th)
  • Caira Pazooky (8th)
  • Atesa Regalado (8th)
  • Mahtab Natanzadeh (8th)
  • Chloe Nikaran (6th)banners
  • Ben Mendlovitz (8th)
  • Shayda Dadvand (8th)
  • Izzy Kadz (6th)
  • Kate Schirmer (8th)
  • Liam Rovira (6th)
  • AJ Smiler (7th)
  • Armin Toloei (7th)
  • Shauna Kohanbashir (8th)
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Newest video is up. Ready for Graduation! Enjoy!
Guided Graduation Reflection
SPANISH 1 & 2 - Mrs. Audelo-Sharp, Radames Cruz-Medina
Students in Spanish 1 & 2 were asked to send a flipgrip videos speaking in Spanish as part of their oral assignments, with new vocabulary words, correct use of grammar and fluid pronunciation, showcasing what they have learned this semester. Please check the video links below and see our kids talking another language! #beingbilingualisfun
Mrs. Audelo-Sharp. Spanish 1 & 2
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HISTORY - Mrs. April Goldsobel
Mrs. G created an interactive slideshow where all of the images, including her avatar, are clickable links to videos and content teaching students about our military history and the meaning behind Memorial Day.
Click on the picture below and check out her cool assignment!
The Advanced Musical Theatre class performed selections from 'The Addams Family' for the creator, Austin Winsberg, and choreographer, Mandy Moore, of 'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist'! The guest speakers met online Wednesday with the advanced musical theatre class. They shared their career backgrounds, inspirations, and offered advice to students interested in pursuing the performing arts. We ended with a question and answer session, then performed for them once again. We were all inspired by the guest speakers and encouraged to continue our passion for the Performing Arts. - Mr. Pinto
Take a moment to watch below performances by students in Mr. Pinto’s Musical Theatre Class, including "Once Upon a December" from the Musical "Anastasia" by Bradi Harrison, and Bradyn Prisand in a Comedic Song Class Assignment featuring "Freddy My Love".
Once Upon a December from the Musical "Anastasia" by Bradi Harrison.
Bradyn Musical Theatre Mr. Pinto Comedic Song Assignment, "Freddy My Love"
FRENCH 1 - Mrs. Emmanuelle Rousseaux
To learn more about French culture, each student had to pick a country where French is widely spoken to study or they could also pick a famous French person. Each student did research on their chosen country/famous French person. Some presented their project done on a poster to the class via google meet and some created a PowerPoint slideshow.
I wanted to share with you some of the beautiful and informative projects that my students (French 1) did - Mrs. Rousseaux
Click here to check all the great work done by the students.
HONORS HISTORY - Mrs. Marissa Long
Last week the 8th graders explored the major factors leading to the deadliest war in U.S. history, the Civil War. CLICK HERE to check the great work done by some of Mrs. Long's students.
Newest video is up. A little PSA for mindful Hand Washing. Josh is having fun transforming himself into a YouTuber!. Enjoy!
PSA: Mindful Hand Washing
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SOCIAL STUDIES - Mrs. Marissa Long
Eighth graders in Mrs.Long's U.S. History classes created digital storyboards on the motives, hardships, and legacies of the groups of people that migrated out west in the mid-1800s. Additionally, students took a look at the distinct sections of the U.S. prior to the Civil War in a graphic "Sectionalism Mapping" assignment.  CLICK HERE and check out the work of some of her students.
MINDFULNESS - Mr. Josh Reitzenstein
CLICK HERE to check Mr. Reitz new video “Mindfulness Morning Routine” about listening to the birds singing as an anchor for mindfulness practice, expanding awareness and creating a broader perspective to start your day from a calm and centered place. 
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ENGLISH - Ms. Kamp-Taylor
In the Open Mind for Charlie Gordon project for 8th grade Honors English, Ms. Kamp-Taylor challenged students to get into the mind of the lead character from the book, Flowers for Algernon, using symbols and text to describe his thoughts and emotions. CLICK HERE and check out the work of some of her students.
Students in Mr. Pinto Musical Theater class we tasked to create a poster for the Musical. Please check below the beautiful work by 6th grader Cleo Paul.
AUDIO PRODUCTION - Mr. Alex Breitman
Please CLICK HERE for the Songs From Home Mixtape Vol. 3. We hope you will have a great weekend listening to our students' hard work in Audio Production!
class spot
Check out some of the new US $20 bill designed at BVMS!
Students in Forensic Science were learning about counterfeiting, and the security features to deter it, including among others microprinting, watermarks, raised printing, security stripe, color shifting ink, seals and serial numbers. Project also included a written section with a brief history of the influential figure chosen to be on the note, and the explanation of the security features present.
Big shoutout to 8th graders Irene Chang, Andre Bentes, Sian Rhie, Charles Grant for their outstanding and nice work.
DANCE - Ms. Victoria George
In Dance, Ms. George challenged students to choreograph their name, forming each one of the letters with their body. This week, we are spotlighting the beautiful and creative choreography of Edden Mizrahi (8)
HISTORY THROUGH FILM - Ms. April Goldsobel
These are the last three films on civil rights that students in History through film have watched during Home Learning, working mostly on analytical writing and personal connections.
SCIENCE - Ms. Angela Brizuela
Science teacher Angela Brizuela posed the following prompt to students: “How could a natural disaster affect an ecosystem?” 6th grade student Tyler Yovino created this wonderful animation with whimsical graphics to depict the answer to this very serious question in an original and very thoughtful way. When you scroll through the presentation it plays like an animated movie/comic strip. Enjoy!
CODING - Ms. Aiazian
In Coding Class, Ms. Aiazian asked students to create a simulation of the daily activities of a business of their choice. In addition to setting up a scene and determining what the business sells, students were asked to use a loop to simulate the activity of their business and keep track of the total money made.  A Bulldog shoutout to students Giselle Calgav (6), Raphael Ohana (6) and Lena Fitoussi (8) for their amazing work
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ENGLISH (6th) - Mr. Jaime Tintor
6th graders in Mr. Tintor's class are keeping a "Social Distancing" journal over the past few weeks. Take a look of some funny, insightful and poignant entries from the students. CLICK HERE
SOCIAL STUDIES (8th) - Ms. Marissa Long
Ms. Long's 8th grade class is learning about the political attack ads during the Election of 1800. Students created a poster for the campaign election attacking either Adams or Jefferson. CLICK HERE to check out some of Ms. Long's favorite submissions. Spoiler alert: It all started with the Election of 1800! The campaign was pretty vicious and ruthless, and hurtful things were said.
Watch this video that Mr. Reitz shared with his Mindfulness club students with insights into how mindfulness can help us cope in this unique moment. Pause. Be Still. Notice more space, more feelings. Even just one breath can change the moment. Take the time to learn this simple practice to be present and appreciate the little things. We can all use some of his techniques during these challenging times as well as in the future.  If you & your family would like further support, please email: jreitzenstein@bhusd.org 
Subscribe to Mr. Reitz YouTube channel for weekly video updates.
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Click HERE to listen to the collection of songs made @home by students in Mr. Breitman’s Audio Production class!  "SONGS FROM HOME MIXTAPE VOL 1 & 2" made in Bandlab and Soundtrap.
Amazing ART created by Bulldog students in Mr. Lisko’s classes...
“Shoe Drawing”, “Found-Object Color Wheel and Contour Drawings”, "Origami Art”
sneaks oragami
color oragami