Ms. de Leon

Hi everyone! I want to welcome you to the new school year! Here's some information about me and my class.
My name is Ms. de Leon and I've been teaching since 2016. I first started as a kindergarten teacher, then moved up to 7th grade, and now I'm an 8th grade teacher at Beverly Vista (Go Bulldogs!). Before switching to education, I was a chemistry major at Chapman University with the hopes of becoming a forensic anthropologist, and now I get to teach it! I have 2 cats named Billie and Doja, and 1 dog named Bruce. Outside of school, I love trying new restaurants (please recommend some if you have any), going on adventures like skydiving, and painting at the park. 
In the classroom, I'm a strong believer in learning from our mistakes and pushing forward despite any obstacles. Our handouts and most assignments will be printed and distributed in class, and will also always be on Google Classroom. If a student is going to be absent, the best thing to do would be to let me know as soon as possible to gather the assignments ahead of time that need to be completed.
My door is open for questions and suggestions regarding our class and assignments, so don't hesitate to drop by. Or you can send an email, which I will respond to within 2 school days. I'm excited to kick off the school year and get to know you! Thanks for stopping by!!