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Holiday Season
Parent Education Night - Nov. 20 (Wednesday) 
Concerned about your child's digital addiction and safety? Do you know about cyber violence, sexting, sextortion, internet blackmail, digital abuse and cyber harassment?
Do you know if your teen is safe? Take these 2 minute quizzes, review the Table Talks and blog by "What They Don't Teach Teens"  for important news stories and videos about contemporary teen safety.
Please attend our Parent Ed Night on November 20 from 5:00pm - 6:30pm about "What They Don't Teach Teens" by Jonathan Cristall.
Teen Digital Safety
Parent Education Night - Sep. 25 - VIDEO & RESOURCES
"Social Emotional Wellness Talk" featured award-winning speaker and pioneer of the youth mental health movement Ross Szabo (Wellness Director, Geffen Academy UCLA). Thank you MSMF (Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation), "Behind Happy Faces", PTA Council and BHHS Norman Aid Wellness Center for educating parents on such a critical topic.

For those of you who were unable to attend, here are a few resources for you from Ross Szabo:

1. Video of my mental health message to review or share with friends.

2. Discussion guide on mental health

3. A helpful chapter from my book “Behind Happy Faces”


—Compare mental health to physical health. We don’t only encourage people who have cancer, diabetes, heart problems or other issues to seek help and tell everyone else that they only need to go to a doctor when they have a disease. However, we do tend to tell people they should seek help for their mental health only when they’ve completely broken down. This isn’t working. Mental health isn’t having a problem; it’s how you address all of the problems in your life. When someone takes care of their physical health they eat right, workout and take care of their body. For someone to take care of their mental health they need to think about how they cope, communicate, what their relationships are like and take care of their minds.

Parent Ed Night