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Parent University: Substance Misuse Prevention  11/14/22



Parent University: FENTANYL 10/19/22



ParentEd Night: The TALK 4/28/21

Hosted by BV PTA, this special evening designed for 5th & 6th Grade BHUSD families, led by renowned sex educator and Director of The Talk Institute, Jen Elledge, provided critical information for parents about:
  • which sexual health topics to discuss and when
  • barrier and benefits to talking
  • 5 parent mistakes to avoid when having the sex talk.
  • a framework to answer difficult questions and ideas to utilize and create teachable moments and resources to help. 
Most programs ONLY provide scripts and how to's for parents to talk to their kids on their own.  Not many do it WITH you.  That is what is truly unique about this offer!  

It is two virtual sessions and is taking place Tuesday, May 11 and 18th for girls  and Wednesday May 12 and 19th for boys 6-8pm. Both parent and child attend the sessions together and they are recorded. The course fee of $129 covers 2 sessions for each parent/child pair. 
Along the way you'll have opportunities to play games and activities together and have access to an activity book and journal so BOTH of you can dive deeper into the course and ensure you keep talkin'!   Instead of talking at your child, you'll talk with them!   
This course creates an amazing opportunity to talk with your child about sex, allowing you to plug in your own family values along the way.  We all get busy, tired, and distracted by everyday to-do lists and it's easy to lose time and pass up opportunities to talk with our children. Often this requires consciously creating and even scheduling time to have these important conversations. 
If you are the type of parent that wants to be involved in your child’s education about sexuality, you don’t want to leave it up to school or society to teach your child about sex, you understand the importance of young people having this information in order to be sexually healthy adolescents and adults, and you want your child to be able and willing to talk to YOU about this subject, then this course is for you! 

ParentEd Night: Building Health Teen Relationships 4/21/21

In partnership with NormanAid Wellness Center BV PTA gave Bulldog parents the opportunity to learn about "Building Healthy Teen Relationships".

Thanks to all of our participants for taking the time to learn together how we can be more supportive in building healthy teen relationships and for sharing your own personal experiences.  We're certain that we’ve all grown from opening our hearts and minds to understand this new complex landscape.

For those of you that weren’t able to attend, we appreciate your interest and have recorded the session so that you can watch at your convenience or share with others.

Our expert panelists Dr. Dolly Klock, Linda K. Reeves, and Jonathan Cristall have provided excellent resources that we have added to the ParentEd Resources Hub on our website.


> Click HERE to watch the event. > Click HERE for all the resources provided at our events.


> Check GET SUPPORT on Healthy Relationships, Allyship, Self Acceptance, LGBTQIA+, Teen Relationship Violence sections full of resources on our NormanAid website.


FamilyEd Night: GOAL SETTING 2021 1/14/21

Thank you Mr. Josh Reitzenstein for guiding our Bulldog families how to set intentions and meet goals for 2021!
CLICK HERE to print the AM & PM Check In Journal Sheets.
CLICK HERE for the digital version that you can copy and customize into your Google Drive.  Click on "File" and then "make a copy".
CLICK HERE or below to watch the Zoom recording below to help prepare you and your family for success in 2021!

ParentEd Night: MENTAL HEALTH "Behind Happy Faces" - 12/9/20

Please click here to register in advance for this parent life-altering seminar.
Your child's skills to manage their mental health and address emotions are especially relevant during this pandemic era. With so many struggling, it’s a vital time to teach resilience and learn the warning signs that might signal your child needs extra help.  Our country teaches about physical health and diet from kindergarten through the rest of a person’s life. It’s time to do the same with mental health!
Highly coveted speaker and author, Ross Szabo  will be joining the BHUSD parent community (TK - 12th grade) on Dec. 9 at 7:00pm to discuss the stigma around mental health issues and provide hope with his charismatic style and relatable approach in teaching parents to talk more freely and increase self-efficacy.  

ParentEd Night: VAPING & WEED 10/28/20




ParentEd Night: TEEN DIGITAL SAFETY 9/23/20


ParentEd PopUp: HEALTHY HOMEROOM 9/17/20

CLICK HERE for Presentation Slides
For those of you who were unable to attend, here are a few resources for you from Ross Szabo:

1. Video of my mental health message to review or share with friends.

2. Discussion guide on mental health

3. A helpful chapter from my book “Behind Happy Faces”



—Compare mental health to physical health. We don’t only encourage people who have cancer, diabetes, heart problems or other issues to seek help and tell everyone else that they only need to go to a doctor when they have a disease. However, we do tend to tell people they should seek help for their mental health only when they’ve completely broken down. This isn’t working. Mental health isn’t having a problem; it’s how you address all of the problems in your life. When someone takes care of their physical health they eat right, workout and take care of their body. For someone to take care of their mental health they need to think about how they cope, communicate, what their relationships are like and take care of their minds.


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