Cell Phone Procedures

Cell Phone Policy


In this time of immediate access to communication, we want to ensure that the learning environment is not disrupted by outside communication. As such, if a parent needs to get vital information to a student, they may leave a message with the main office. Students will be able to access their mobile device at the conclusion of the school day. 

Students are allowed to bring their mobile devices to school, but they must be turned off and put away at all times.  This includes iPads, smart watches, earbuds/headphones or another other non-school provided devices that transmits a cellular or wireless signal.  

Exception to these regulations are when there is permission from school staff to use a mobile device for an in-class activity. Students are expected to have their mobile devices turned off and put away after the activity has been completed. 

If an electronic device is on but the student is not actively using it, teachers will ask the student to turn the device off and put it away without judgement, confiscation or consequence.

Consequences for active use of a mobile device usage are as follows:

1st incident

If item is seen being used during the school day, the item will be confiscated, turned into the grade level administrator, and picked up by the student at the end of the school day.

2nd incident

Item will be confiscated and turned into grade level administrator and the student’s parent will be notified of the infraction. Student will be able to pick up device at the end of the day.

3rd Incident

The item will be confiscated and will remain with the grade level administrator until a parent or guardian picks it up.

Further consequences for repeated incidents will be at the discretion of the grade level administrator.

Cell Phones