Food Services

Lunch and Food Services

Each day Food Services offers fresh & healthy lunches to all students. Families can register for and add funds to a meal account at

    • Items are available from the cafeteria at lunch only.
    • The cafeteria will allow students to charge one meal daily on their food service accounts unless we receive a completed "Meal Waiver Form” that can be found on the BHUSD website.
    • All negative meal balances must be paid before the end of the school year. Any negative balance that remains on account over the summer will result in blocking of your child’s account until the negative balance is paid.
  • Students are not allowed to order or receive food from outside sources. 

Students must remain on campus during lunch. Students may bring their lunch or purchase lunch in the cafeteria. Students who wish to purchase lunch must do so through the electronic account system.  Our cafeteria does not accept cash.  During school lunch you are expected to:

  1. Wait your turn in the lunch line. Do not cut other students and keep your hands off others.
  2. Clean the area where you sit and put all trash in the appropriate trash bin.
  3. Behave in an orderly manner in the cafeteria and other lunch areas; no running, pushing, wrestling or throwing food, drinks, trash, etc. 
  4. Students must remain on the first floor and in designated lunch areas unless they have a pass or are attending a club.
  5. If a student is visiting a teacher’s room during lunch, they must remain in that classroom or return immediately to the lunch area when finished (Absolutely no loitering in the halls).

If students fail to abide by these expectations, lunchtime privileges may be revoked.