Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education Trips

Each year students will have the opportunity to attend outdoor education trips that are aligned with their grade-level science curriculum.  All students are encouraged to attend as these trips are designed to increase the level of connection a student has with the school, staff, and their peers across the grade level.  We work hard to keep the costs as low as possible. While we ask that parents cover the cost of their child for these trips, we do not want a child excluded due to financial hardship.  Partial scholarships are available for those families who are not able to cover the cost of the trip(s) on their own.

Below are the destinations by grade level

6th Grade - Brandeis (Simi Valley, CA)

7th Grade - El Capitan State Park (North of Santa Barbara, CA) 

8th Grade - Pali Institute (Running Springs, CA) 

click the links to view the 8th Grade Trip Information Presentation & Zoom Meeting Recording


*Students must complete 10 service hours to qualify for the trips and have no more than 1 Needs to Improve in conduct with no grades of Unsatisfactory in citizenship.