Academic Recognition

Honor Roll & Principal's Honor Roll


BVMS Honors Recognition is based on a student’s GPA (Grade Point Average) for each of our two grading periods: Fall & Spring. Students earning a GPA of 3.5 - 3.74 qualify for Honor Roll and students earning a GPA of 3.75 - 4.0 qualify for Principal’s Honor Roll.

3.75 - 4.0:  Principal’s Honor Roll

3.50 - 3.74:  Honor Roll

Here is the process that we follow:

Academic Award Certificates are distributed to all qualifying honor roll students at the end of the Fall and Spring semester grading periods. 

8th Grade Graduation Cords: In line with our BVMS 4-Core Values, we recognize our 8th-grade graduating students’ academic and community service achievements with colored cords to be worn around the neck together with their cap and gown during commencement ceremonies.
  • White Cord - Academic Honors - one for each semester of Principal’s Honor Roll at BVMS. 
  • Gold Cord - In order to earn a gold cord, students must complete a minimum of 20 community service hours each school year.  
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