Athletics Program

All students who are interested in the BVMS Athletics after-school program must register using the forms to officially be a part of BVMS Athletics.

Beverly Vista Middle School is pleased to offer our students the opportunity to play in competitive team sports.  Our overall goal is to enhance and student’s sense of sportsmanship, commitment to a team, and overall connection to the school.  To that end, we will participate in a sports league, FIYA League (Foundation for Interscholastic Youth Athletics), that requires that all students who want to play will have the opportunity to do so, regardless of skill or experience level.  There will be opportunities for all students to explore different sports and will provide a basis to help build a foundation for the high school sports programs as well.

BVMS Sports: 

Fall: Girls Volleyball, Boys Flag Football, Boys & Girls Cross Country

Winter: Boys & Girls Basketball

Spring: Boys Volleyball, Boys & Girls Soccer, Boys & Girls Track and Field

In order to participate in the sports programs, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA with no F’s and only 1 N with no U’s in citizenship.
  • Be willing to make a commitment to the team at least for that season.  To that end, students will have the opportunity to drop without penalty within the first two weeks of the season, or at the coach’s discretion. Any student-athlete who drops the team after that time may not be allowed to participate in athletics the following season.  
  • The expectation for all student-athletes is that you are representing our school community.  Student-athletes are expected to follow all school rules and present themselves as leaders and examples of good behavior and sportsmanship whether on campus or in the community.