President's Message

Dear Beverly Vista Middle School Families,


As we continue building our BVMS community, we are excited to welcome you to the 2023/24 school year!


This year marks our 5th year as a middle school, where the hard work and dedication of parents like you has finally taken shape! After years of hard work, we have solidified our Beverly Vista Middle School traditions and are looking forward to the amazing PTA programs and fun events that our students and families expect.


The Beverly Vista Middle School PTA works year-round to support the needs of our students, teachers and staff. Your support of BVMS PTA is a direct investment in your student and our entire community. When you partner with BVMS PTA and contribute to our Annual Fund, you become an integral part of the success of all Beverly Vista Middle School students. The PTA sponsored programs, events and activities that students will experience this year not only complement the fantastic BVMS academic curriculum, but will provide exciting extra-curricular and engagement opportunities for students of every interest!


We take pride in knowing that BVMS families are ALL IN for our kids. Your family’s tax deductible contribution to our BVMS PTA Annual Fund is an important part of supporting Beverly Vista Middle School and our efforts to enhance the middle school experience for each and every one of our students.


 We are looking forward to a fabulous year together!


Jennifer Pedersen

BVMS PTA President 2023/24