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What is community service?

Any activity that gives back to the community through a charity or non-profit organization. Consider it things that make the world a better place. Even during difficult times, we can all help our community.

Why do community service?

To improve the world we live in. Community service can be on a local, national or global level.

Do I get credit for doing community service?

Students who complete 20 hours of community service during the school year earn cords at graduation for each year. Volunteer hours must be done through a non-profit (charity) organization.

How do I get credit?

Download the form to track your hours. When completed, turn this form in to the "Completed Community Service Hours" box in room D302. Do not email your form. A hard copy must be turned in. 

Can I use volunteer hours that I’ve been already doing for an outside organization?

Yes, absolutely! Many students volunteer through scouts, churches, synagogues, and other non-profit organizations. All of these hours of service that benefit these organizations can be credited. PTA and BVMS also often have opportunities to give back to our school, which count towards your community service hours.

What if I don’t have any ideas of where to volunteer?

Check out all the sections of our “Community Service” page for some great ideas.

COMMUNITY SERVICE provides students with the invaluable opportunity to:
  • Show compassion, leadership, creativity, and depth.
  • Learn about caring and social responsibility.
  • Perform service and reflect how you are affected by the act of performing service.
When you get involved in GIVING BACK to a cause or helping your community in a way that matters to you, the lasting benefits are so rewarding. The satisfaction and pride that comes from helping others can be life-changing. 
Two of our 4-core BVMS values are "Make Connections" and "Show Integrity".  Students are encouraged to explore opportunities that will have a positive impact on campus, in our school district, in our community and in yourself:
  • At Hawthorne & Horace Mann Elementary Schools - Contact a Teacher directly
  • For Local Community Organizations
  • Participating in local charity walks

Verification of Hours

Make sure to get the verification form filled out and signed by the non-profit organization's adult supervisor of the activity (NOT a parent/family member/friend).

Click on the organizations to start planning NOW!
Beach Clean Up




AnimalsDo you love animals?  Local animal shelters are always in need of volunteers.  Contact a local shelter and speak with a volunteer coordinator to see what help is needed. 


Seniors: Our community has many senior citizens who would relish the time and help that a teen could lend. Beverly Hills has senior centers and private nursing home where volunteers are needed. Even a small amount of time with a senior can make a difference. You can help seniors learn how to use a computer and email to stay in touch with their own grandchildren. You could adopt a senior citizen as a “grand-friend” and write letters to them.


Elementary Schools:  You can contact your former teachers from Hawthorne and Horace Mann to offer help in the classroom.  Click here to find a teacher at Hawthorne and Horace Mann.  Or contact the PTA.


Environment: Do you care deeply about the threats facing our environment and have an interest in helping our community “go green.” Participate in a community cleanup day; or help clear hiking trails or perform beach cleanups.