PTA Meetings

PTA Monthly General Meetings Dates
**All PTA General Meetings will take place on the 3rd Tuesday of each month on the following schedule via Zoom:
NEXT MEETING: THURSDAY September 23 @ 9am  *change due to the holidays
pta meeting
(Exec Board meetings should always fall on the 1st Tuesday of the month)

9/9/21 PTA Exec Board Mtg
9/23/21 PTA Meeting *change due to the holidays
10/5/21 PTA Exec Board Mtg
10/19/21 PTA Meeting 
11/2/21 PTA Exec Board Mtg
11/16/21  PTA Meeting 
12/7/21  PTA Exec Board Mtg
12/21/21   PTA Meeting 
1/4/22   PTA Exec Board Mtg  (Held via Zoom)
1/18/22    PTA Meeting 
2/1/22   PTA Exec Board Mtg
2/15/22    PTA Meeting
3/1/22    PTA Exec Board Mtg
3/15/22     PTA Meeting
4/5/22    PTA Exec Board Mtg
4/19/22     PTA Meeting
5/3/22    PTA Exec Board Mtg
5/17/22      PTA Meeting
NOTE: There is one EB meeting that will be Jan 4, 2022 held via Zoom so that we remain in compliance with our Bi-Laws. Since this meeting will occur during winter break, it will be short and sweet with no motions to vote on.