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About Beverly Vista Middle School...


Established in 1924, and reconfigured in the 2019-2020 school year, Beverly Vista Middle School opened its doors as the dedicated middle school for BHUSD. All students and staff, grades 6-8 from from across the district joined Beverly Vista Middle School to reimagine education for middle grade students in Beverly Hills. With this transformation, middle school students in Beverly Hills would for the first time experience a learning environment designated exclusively for their developmental needs. BVMS enrolls approximately 1000 students in the Beverly Hills Unified School District. Beverly Vista Middle School was awarded the California Distinguished School Award most recently in 2004. Also awarded in 1997, 1993 and 1989. BVMS is ranked 628th out of 5,789 California Middle Schools.


Our mission at Beverly Vista Middle School is to empower students to become independent, self-motivated learners who function productively in society and who are prepared to continue on into higher education.


Beverly Vista Middle Schoolʼs vision is for teachers, administrators, school staff and parents to work together with students to accomplish the schoolʼs mission.


A successful and happy Bulldog lives by our Beverly Vista Middle School Values



As we begin the 2021/22 school year and continue to connect our community, we can remind ourselves that we are ALL IN FOR OUR KIDS. This year brings a renewed excitement of familiar celebrations and old traditions. We are looking forward to the amazing PTA-funded academic programs and cultural events that we remember, with a focus on the future and strong mindset to keep moving forward. 


The Beverly Vista Middle School PTA works year-round to support the needs of our students, teachers and staff. Your support of BVMS PTA is a direct investment in our entire community. When you partner with the BVMS PTA and contribute to our Bulldog Annual Fund, you become an integral part of the success of all Beverly Vista Middle school students. The PTA sponsored programs and events that support our students and staff compliment the fantastic academic curriculum that Beverly Hills is known for.


Your business’ tax deductible contribution to our Bulldog Annual Fund is an important part of supporting Beverly Vista PTA and our efforts to enhance the middle school experience for each and every one of our students. We thank you for your consideration of support.



Where does Beverly Vista PTA Annual Fund Donations Go…


As we kick off the school year, your BVMS PTA is energized in its commitment to revitalize our community and support programs that excite and engage our children academically, physically, socially, and emotionally.


This year, the BVMS PTA is committed to:


  • Supporting and enhancing academic, elective, and extracurricular programming through hands-on learning opportunities, enrichment assemblies, guest speakers, and field trips.
  • Fostering the self-care of our children through fitness and wellness.
  • Strengthening our parent community by offering unique social opportunities designed to unite our incredible group of families.
  • Upgrading our facilities to inspire our students to thrive.