Student Clubs


BV PTA sponsors 14 outstanding opportunities that BVMS students will have for enrichment after school on Wednesdays. We encourage all students to take advantage of these opportunities!


Making Connections is one of our four core values and getting involved in our clubs is a great way to make those connections happen!


Art Club - The BVMS Art Club allows students to be creative by providing them artistic opportunities beyond the walls of the classroom. Students have access to all kinds of art materials in this creative space. Middle school students meet once a week as well as occasionally outside of school for field trips to museums. In addition to allowing students to work on their own creative endeavors, group projects are done, field trips to local museums, as well as various murals and service learning activities are explored.  (Video Description)


Photography Club - Students will be exploring, taking and sharing photographs, editing images, and learning about different styles of photography. (Video Description)


Color Guard - Color Guard is an active club where participants make new friends and promote school spirit, all while spinning flags! If you would like to learn new skills and create routines, then Color Guard is the club for you. For now, we will be meeting on Zoom but we hope to be able to practice and perform in person soon! (Video Description)


Book Club - The Beverly Vista Middle School Book Club is a weekly opportunity for students at all grade levels and areas of interest to get together in a student led setting and discuss books, reading, and the wider world of literature. In the BVMS Book Club students are encouraged to make their own literary selections and share their love of reading everything from Graphic Novels, to Fantasy, to Classics. (Video Description)


Chess Club - The Beverly Vista Middle School chess club is a weekly opportunity for students of all grade and skill levels to play chess, master new strategies, and compete against friends in tournament style games. Chess Club is an opportunity to hang out with friends in a virtual environment and play games of chess against one another online. (Video Description)


Techsperts - BVMS is seeking a select crew of volunteers to help students and staff with technology questions. A Techspert must be interested in technology, ready to help, and willing to persevere until each problem is solved. Techsperts earn community service hours for their assistance. (Video Description)


Sports Club - With so much we are used to on hold in these historic times, it sure is nice to have sports back!  Whether you root for the home team or against it, this is a space for all fans to enjoy the thrill of sport.  We will ride the highs and lows of our favorite teams, be inspired by our favorite players, and discuss the impact that sports has on our society as a whole.  Whether it’s football, basketball, baseball, hockey, or futbol we are excited to watch highlights, debate the controversies and make predictions.  Sports is more than just entertainment, it’s a place for us to become inspired and learn lessons about what it takes to achieve greatness.  Bring your best character and welcome to the team! (Video Description)


Environmental Club - Tired of hearing depressing news about the environment and feeling helpless? It turns out acting locally while thinking globally really CAN save the world! So join BVMS Environmental Club and help us with our amazing student led projects to help Beverly Hills go green. Last year students organized a protest and raised awareness about climate change, lobbied for and got recycling bins and water bottle refill stations. Our future projects involve getting composting going at BVMS (i.e. reducing food waste) and even an ambitious project to help our schools go SOLAR! So join us, YOU can save the world. (Video Description)


Student Newspaper Club - The newspaper club is for students who have already taken the journalism elective course and who want to continue: 

  • Writing a variety of articles (news, feature, editorial, sports, and reviews).

  • Help with the publication: layout, editing, and deadline enforcement.

  • Reach out to students and staff to conduct polls, surveys, and interviews.

  • Be willing to be editors and help the journalism staff make their articles ready for publication.

Meetings will occur twice a week.  (Video Description)


Debate Club - The Beverly Vista Debate Club is a competitive team which this year will do online tournaments in debate and speech events. Middle school debate is about learning the basic skills of public speaking, and making new friends! Debate Club meetings are online every Tuesday from 9 to 10 a.m. (sometimes there is extra after-school practice on Tuesdays the week of a tournament). Debaters must be able to compete online on Saturdays, usually once per month, and tournaments usually run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., with in-person tournaments possibly starting again this spring. Being on a team looks good on private school applications, and the BV Debate Club also prepares students to join the team at Beverly in ninth grade. (Team captains at Beverly include full scholarship freshmen starting this fall at the Cornell and Carnegie Mellon universities.) Join the Debate Club and become a smarter and more articulate Bulldog!  (Video Description)


Math Counts Club - The MathCounts/Math Club meets to practice a wide variety of math problems in preparation for the MathCounts Competition. Math topics covered range from Algebra, Geometry, and some Trigonometry to Number Theory, Statistics, Probability, Combinatorics, Pattern Recognition, etc. All students in grades 6 through 8 are welcome to join and have fun learning new things and improving their math skills. In the end, a team of four (4) students will be selected to represent our school a the competition, along with an alternate “team” of four (4) students who will compete as individual competitors, for a total of eight (8) students going to the competition. During distance learning, we will meet after school every Wednesday, with practice sessions, starting in mid-September and running through the end of January, at which time the 8 students will be selected to represent our school in the MathCounts Competition. These 8 students will continue meeting until the Regional Competition in late February. Any students who advance to the State Level will continue to meet in preparation for that competition in late March.


Coding Club - Have you ever thought about a career as a videogame designer?  If so, then the Coding Club is for you.  In this club, students will learn how to create video games using code and play them with their friends!  This is a great entry into the world of video game design before going on to the high school and continuing your pathway building code. You will create projects and express your ideas in different activities. Is this your first time? This is the perfect place to start. Initially, you will learn to use the tools to later code fun games such as  PacMan, Snake, etc.  (Video Description)


By your Side (BYS) - Do you want to earn service credits while making new friends? Come Join BYS! Hang out with friends, form new friendships and just have some fun. BYS helps students with or without special needs feel accepted, comfortable and supported at school. Let's make connections, and earn some service credits all while building lasting friendships! Students who participate in BYS and attend regularly will earn up to 5 service hours!


Anime Club Description:

Do you like Anime?  Do you like to watch it or even draw it?  Maybe you just want to learn more about Anime?  If so, join us at the Anime Club for our weekly meetings on Wednesdays between 3:30 and 4:30 PM. We will discuss Anime and watch television series and movies. This club is meant for people who want to get to know other students, all while discussing and learning about Anime. Don’t miss out on this fun club.  Join us!

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