Multicultural Days



Multicultural Days 2023 At BVMS Comes To A Close


Thank you to all of the parents and educators that supported this very special BVMS PTA Program.


Developed years ago at Horace Mann, this program has been brought to BVMS by a group of parents dedicated to providing our community with an opportunity to share their cultures and learn from each other.


Our BVMS community represents over 40 countries, speaking over 28 languages!


It was a pleasure to see our students arrive at school each week and immediately identify with a country flag and meet other students and parents with similar backgrounds. Thank you to Ms. Shin and the BVMS Cheerleaders for joining our Morning Greetings, Ms. Long and Ms. Gabreski's WEB students made colorful country posters highlighting over 50 countries around the world, to Coach Park's ASB students colored flags with their countries of heritage, to Mr. Braun curated an incredible display of cultural literature for all students to enjoy, to Ms. Lukic's ELD students for creating special welcome greetings, to Ms. Adelo-Sharp's Spanish students curated an beautiful ofrenda for Dia del los Muertes to recognize family members and prominent figures who have passed on and last, but certainly not least to over 180 parents that volunteered to wave flags, dance and sing, and brought delicious dishes and treats to our Food Festival for our students to enjoy. We are more than grateful for your commitment to helping us reinforce our BVMS 4 core value of making connections and spreading the message of unity during these past five weeks.


Relive the moments by clicking through the photos below.

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