New Students and Families

Hello BVMS Family,

Your counselors are so excited to welcome you and your student to Beverly Vista! We've created this page to help answer any and all questions related to starting a new school.


We recommend you start by clicking here for our Student and Parent Handbook. Our Handbook will guide you through all of our school expectations and policies. Go over this handbook together with your student to ensure they know our cell phone policy, behavior expectations, dress code, etc.

Bell Schedule: Here is the link for the daily bell schedule. Our schedule changes each day of the week, so it will be helpful to get to know it before you start!


Class Schedule: Your counselor will be creating your student's schedule. Student will have 4 core academic classes, physical education and 2 electives. Your student will begin in grade level courses, unless a transcript from your previous school shows that your student was enrolled in an honors equivalent class. If you do have a transcript, please feel free to forward a PDF to your counselor so they can make the adjustments if applicable.

COVID Protocols: Masks are no longer required for students when attending BVMS, but are optional should your child feel most comfortable. If you child has been at school and later tests positive for COVID, please email [email protected] immediately. For more information about BHUSD COVID policies, click here.


Electives: Each Student has the opportunity to choose two year long electives (Y), 4 semester electives (S), or any combination of both (i.e. 1 year long and 2 semester long). Among these are World Language (Spanish/French) and Music (Band, Orchestra, Drama/Theatre). Here is the course catalogue, for additional information on individual elective courses. Please note, that if you student is entering BVMS mid-year, elective placement will be based on availability. We also have support classes for English and Math. If either of those are areas in which your student struggles, please contact Lauren Stuart for more information: [email protected].

Technology: All students are provided with a school assigned laptop for use at school and at home. Students will utilize many programs to complete their school work, but the main programs are Gmail, Aeries and Google Classroom.

  • Aeries is the platform that we use to communicate with students/parents/teachers, to provide course content and to provide grade information. We would highly suggest getting familiar with Aeries as soon as possible prior to your start at BVMS. Click here for a step-by-step guide to using the Aeries student portal.
  • Gmail and Google Classroom are both accessed with your students district provided email and their student ID number. To access this information, you can check Aeries or email your counselor. Click here for more help logging onto Gmail and Google Classroom.
  • For any additional tech resources you can click here. 

Textbooks: Students will be provided with an at home set of textbooks, which are theirs to borrow for the school year. While on site, students will have a classroom set of textbooks, so there will be no need to travel with any textbooks!

Communication: Open and collaborative communication is vital to student success, and we at BVMS value parents and students’ ability to communicate and self advocate. If you need to get in touch, click here for email addresses for staff, or you can use Aeries Parent Square. If you are having trouble deciding who would be the best to contact to address your concerns and questions, click here.

PTA: Our BV PTA is amazing, and is also looking for supportive BVMS parents to help make positive changes in the lives of our students. Click here join and donate.

Absences: Report any period or day absence by emailing our attendance office at [email protected]

Clubs: Get involved by joining a club. We offer many clubs on campus from Chess club to Art club. Clubs meet at lunch or after school. You can click here for more club information. 


Lunches: Students have a 40 minute lunch each day. Many students bring their lunch but every student is able to receive one free lunch and breakfast daily. Once students receive their ID card at the beginning of the school year, they will enter or scan their ID at the cashier to record the meals served. Click here to visit our Food Services page for any additional questions!


Athletics: We offer Fall and Spring sports for students to participate in after school! Click here for more information about our athletics program and how to register.


If there are any additional questions, please feel free to contact your grade level counselor. Welcome to the Bulldog Family!