When to Contact Your School Counselor

You're School Counselors are always happy to help and here is when and how you can contact us. For more information on the district communication guidelines, please click here
If you have any academic concerns, we will always direct you to speak with your child's teachers first. Our teachers are wonderfully supportive and often have a tool box full of supports and ideas that can support a student in need. Click here for the staff email directory. 
If after collaborating with the teacher, your child is still struggling to find success, then it is time to reach out to your child's grade level School Counselor. 
If your child is struggling socially or emotionally, it is always best to reach out to your grade level school counselor and/or your child's Case Manager if applicable. 
Social concerns typically include friendship issues or if your student is struggling to fit in. Emotional concerns typically include family struggles (i.e divorce, severely ill family member, death of a loved one) or if you feel your student may be struggling with mental health challenges. 
If you feel your child is being bullied in any way, please always contact your grade level administrator.
You can also refer to our resources page to see if there are available resources that can help you and your child deal with specific challenges. 
Your grade level School Counselor is always best reached via email. 
7th Grade Ms. Hulsy: [email protected]
8th Grade Ms. Schulcz: [email protected]
6th Grade Ms. Park: [email protected]