BulldogAid Wellness Center

BVMS is committed to supporting students in the areas of social, emotional and mental health. Our School Counselors and our Wellness Center work in partnership with The Maple Center Counselors to form our BulldogAid wellness program. 
The BulldogAid Wellness Center is a de-stress space for students to take a 10 minutes break to relax and find presence in their day. The center is located in the Library Classroom (L1) and is open during school hours but closed during lunch and nutrition. Students can access the Wellness Center by requesting a pass from a teacher, counselor or admin. 
BVMS counselors with support from our Maple Center partners can provide students with individual and group counseling, conflict medication, crisis response and crisis management in order for students to achieve success. Please note, individual counseling through BulldogAid is provided on a short term 6 to 8 week basis.
Teachers, Staff, Parents and Students can submit a request for Maple Center Counseling through BulldogAid. If you would like to submit a referral to receive MCC support for yourself (BVMS student's only) or your student, you can click here