First, how can you access the Naviance Curriculum?
  1. Click here to log in to Naviance using CLEVER
  2. Once on the homepage, scroll to the bottom left where it says "Resources to get Ready."
  3. Click where you see "Naviance College, Career and Life Readiness Curriculum."
  4. Search for the counselor suggested lessons or find a lesson that looks interesting to you! 

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

What do you know? (Pre Assessment for 6th Grade Sequence)

What do you know? (Pre Assessment for 7th Grade Sequence)

What do you know? (Pre Assessment for 8th Grade Sequence)

My Foundation - Middle School: Students identify their foundations and make a plan to use them for success.

Habits for Success: Students learn strategies for succeeding academically in school and at home.

Success, Risk and Failure: Students learn the benefits of trying even with the risk of failure.

Goal Setting: Students learn to set effective goals.

Getting Involved: Students learn how getting involved can help them to succeed.

Working Through Stress: Students learn to persevere in stressful situations.

Using My Strengths: Students recognize their strengths and make a plan to use them to their advantage.

How I Learn: Students learn about various learning preferences and styles.

Re-imagining Success: Students determine what factors mark success in their lives.

Other Suggested Naviance Activities:

  • StrengthsExplorer will help uncover your talents and reveal your potential strengths to you and the people in your world
  • Career Interests Profiler is a tool that can help you discover the types of work activities and careers that match your interests.
  • Road Trip Nation will help you find your road by watching leader stories from across the globe. Search by interest, theme, or leader name (i.e. Angelica Inguanzo, the Frontend Engineer at YouTube).
  • Colleges homepage so you can search hundreds of colleges across the world, what they specialize in, their acceptance rates, and so much more